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Re: Problems with the Indiegogo Campaign

Ludwik Trammer
- 12/11/2014 11:45:54
Fabien usually monitors this list, I am sure he will respond to you.  I believe that Odoo said they would *start* releasing the themes by the end of December not have all 75 themes ready by then.

Thank you for the reply. That's what they wrote in the official FAQ:

"We expect to finish all themes and building blocks by the end of December. However, as soon as we finish each theme, you will have access to it. You will not have to wait until the end of December to play with them."

So it looks like they were supposed to be releasing themes gradually, but have all of them ready at the end of December (i.e. in two weeks). But anyhow, for now I'm mostly interested in the "Clean" theme which was originally supposed to be delivered right away ("The first theme we developed, the "Clean" theme will be send as soon as you have contributed to the campaign as this theme is already ready to use.").