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Re: [v8] product number, Supplier number

gunnar wagner
- 12/10/2014 02:02:42
hi Lorenzo,

regarding your comment about some of the OCA Modules that still need porting to v8
maybe some of the following modules (to be ported to 8.0) can be useful
I am not sure whether they would be useful for me, but on one hand I'd like to take a look at that on the other hand I'd like to contribute. My problem: I can't code whatsoever.
How would it practically work best if someone like me wanted to fund porting some of those (maybe because I wanted to use some specific modules, or maybe just because I want to contribute something).
Would I just go and try to find any freelancer anywhere, or is there a way of funding this through the OCA (I give them money and they take care of porting the Modules I fund)?

best ...Gunnar

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