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Re: Automate stock move with location barcodes

John Pia Jr
- 12/08/2014 05:55:16


Our situation is  unique we recievw about 300 pallets a day of a product (mushrooms) that is harvested that same day, packaged that same day, and sold/ shipped on our own trucks that same day.

Our of those 200/pallets a day, there is about 35 different products.

Bow here is the ticket part and the part that requires my need. Being that we are a mushroom grower and mushrooms are very venerable to their environment once harvested, the product that receive them as (mushroom type and grade/quality) changes 30% of the time thought out the day. So the same exact prosyxt that we received a few hours ago is now different when we go to ship/ manufacture (in our case manufacturing is just packing)

We grower over a million mounds a week , 98% of that is harvested , packaged, and shipped the same day.

Consider that. Now consider we have only about 80sqft of warehouse floor space. We have hundreds of pallets of product and in order to have complete traceability (we are a food company and need to be able to tell regulators exactly from where certain product came from) we need to be able to have an assigned location for each product.

Most of our pallets are mixed product pallets (contain 2 or more different product types on a single pallet) which means we will be using packlots as well as pallet lots.

The need to move product from comes from when when I remove a pallet to manufacture the products on it, but only require half of the products (or whatever reason) when I go to return that pallet to its original portion half full, it causes a space issue for us. Remember we are only dealing with a limited amount of space in relation to the amount of product we are handling.

This is why I would then need to move this product from one area of the warehouse to the next. It's needs to be FAST for the obvious reasons I listed above.

On Dec 8, 2014 3:42 AM, "Lionel Sausin" <> wrote:

Barcodes to enter what you've done? Doesn't sound like automating, more like desperatly trying to catch up!
I don't know your exact situation, but maybe (just maybe) if the stock workers have to enter the move details by themselves, they're recording the logistics upside down in Odoo.
Everything in Odoo tries to give workes pre-recorded stock moves, so that they never have to decide by themselve. Even simply moving things around is supposed to be recorded **before** it's done.
So manual moves that you record **after** they're done should be exceptions, normally not worth optimizing or developping for.
Are you push/pull rules recorded? Aren't some sort of "manufacturing" (co-packing, etc.)?

Lionel Sausin.

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