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Re: Automate stock move with location barcodes

- 12/08/2014 03:40:51

Barcodes to enter what you've done? Doesn't sound like automating, more like desperatly trying to catch up!
I don't know your exact situation, but maybe (just maybe) if the stock workers have to enter the move details by themselves, they're recording the logistics upside down in Odoo.
Everything in Odoo tries to give workes pre-recorded stock moves, so that they never have to decide by themselve. Even simply moving things around is supposed to be recorded **before** it's done.
So manual moves that you record **after** they're done should be exceptions, normally not worth optimizing or developping for.
Are you push/pull rules recorded? Aren't some sort of "manufacturing" (co-packing, etc.)?

Lionel Sausin.