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Re: New Magento to Odoo 8.0 Connector

OpenERP Master
- 12/07/2014 20:16:47

I will be developing documentation this coming week, and then resuming the connector development for the next month or so. There is still a lot of work to do. This code has been tested, but it may not work for you. It needs a lot of testing.

I tested this with a new install on the current 8.0 branch. I have no idea what your problem is without more detail. If you or anyone else wants to install the connector and test it out, send me a direct email and I would be happy to provide you free assistance to get things in motion.

For anyone interested, the current process to get it installed is simple.

1. This module requires a Magento API Library, the very same one in use by the OCA connector. You can install it on any linux machine with the command 'pip install magento'. This is not an Odoo module, but a python library for those who don't know. You can also learn about it here: It is a simple wrapper for the xmlrpc interface. (Later version of my connector will use Magento REST Api).

2. You have to install the payment_method module, also linked in the original email. This module is required because Odoo has no concept of a payment method on a sales order, however Magento does. You can install it first, or you can just have it available when you install the Magento module and it will automatically be installed. A link to this module is here:

3. Lastly, you need to install a Magento server side module. This is because the built in API has very limited functionality. The magento side module is a fork of the original Openlabs magento module, except I remove all code that affects core functionality, and added new methods. It should be safe to install. Link Here: You place the xml file in app/etc/modules, and the Openobject folder in app/code/local.

If you want to use the module and can't install it, email me directly and i'll help you for free. Asking for help here probably wouldn't be good as it would spam a lot of email accounts.


On Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 4:23 PM, Loïc Richard <> wrote:
Is possible to have the process toinstall our module.
I try to upload your module via Odoo administration (module add on installed). But it does'nt work.

loïc Richard

2014-12-07 14:50 GMT-05:00 Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero <>:
Thanks for the great effort you have made, but it's a pity that you have opted for a totally different work from the OCA Magento connector (, that it's already developed for v7 and uses a strong infrastructure framework for making the communications. If you would work in migrate and enhance this version for v8 instead of doing another one, now there will be two uncompatible ways of getting a Magento connector for Odoo: OCA modules and yours. People will opt for a one with more support, and OCA have all the cards to win.

Shall I advice you to try to follow this way, and use your work and experience for making the migration of the OCA modules?


2014-12-07 20:23 GMT+01:00 OpenERP Master <>:
Hi everyone,

For the past 3 months I have been developing a new magento connector to Odoo 8.0. I would like to share it with everyone and ask for any feedback. Good or bad, I would appreciate it.

The code is still under active development, so it contains things like print statements, some not the best code. It works perfectly for me, but I only designed it around American business processes, not considering EU or other countries. Also, it does not use the new 8.0 API. I started development before knowing about it. It will be implemented in later versions.

Some of the code was inspired or migrated from the original 6.1 MagentoERPConnect and the Openlabs 7.0 connector. I did not finish the credits, such yet.

I also forked the Openlabs magento side module and reworked a lot of the methods, and removed a lot of code from it.

Here is a link to the modules:

Feedback appreciated.

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