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New Odoo 8.0 payment integration module

OpenERP Master
- 12/07/2014 14:56:53
Hi All,

I have developed a new module for Odoo 8.0 that integrates the Payment Gateway. This module only supports the CIM method. You can process credit card payments securely in Odoo using tokens. Credit card data is never stored in Odoo.

This module does not use the payment acquirer module. This seems more designed around redirecting you to the gateway to complete the payment, which is not what I want. This module, you can directly process the payment without a redirect.

This module uses SOAP. There is an XML api that may be used later.

Here is a link:

I also developed a bridge module that connects to my Magento connector module Here:

These modules are still under active development and may not work the way you expect.