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Re: Pricing 'Odoo Technical Traininng'

Kevin Woolf
- 12/06/2014 04:39:52
Hi Mohamed,

I signed up for your course and finished it in less than an hour. Things I like are that you outline your lesson components, and the lessons are short and sweet. The PDFs layouts are clean and legible. You speak clearly and your English is pretty good.

To make your courses all they could be, I’d go much deeper into the content. Who, what, when, where, why, and how is the course going to help a user? For example, what is PyCharm and why do I need it. Why are we installing on a local machine? As a new Odoo user, where do I start? 

While your lessons are outlined nicely, their is not a great amount of real information that a developer couldn’t find on the Odoo forums. I assume that will change as you complete these courses, but I expected real, in-depth explanations of system functionality and coding. That’s missing so far.