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RE: French Invoice reports

NIcolas Plée
- 12/05/2014 11:59:43
Thank you for taking the time to reply and thank Alexis  for your link to the module.

I actually tried to set up the account_fical_position_translate + account_invoice_shipping_address for v8.
The first one combined with conditions helps to create the needed references but I can't get the second one to add shipping address on the report. Any further help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Concerning the fact to add a proper invoicing report to Odoo, I obviously thought of Qweb as this is the report engine natively used with Odoo v8 (+some of the mentioned reporting engines are announced as deprecated in v8).

I think it's a mistake not to offer the ability to basically used Odoo. A lot of new or very small companies look for tools to help them to manage their invoicing, stocks, projects, etc... They haven't the budget to invest in integration or development from the beginning. So basically they won't use Odoo for this reason and will chose some other service and may not keep such a good impression of Odoo.
But some of those companies could have had the need and budget for a tool like Odoo a few years after. If they already are on Odoo... they will obviously stick with Odoo. If they aren't, they will look around to see what is on the market and keeping this first impression they had about Odoo.

When someone is in your shop, he's a potential customer. Once he leaves, having him back as a customer is nearly impossible...

PS :
@ Alexis :  I'd like also to take the opportunity to thank you for the great analysis you shared online about OpenERP. Very helpful.
@ Christophe : Il me semble qu'à ce jour Anybox ne m'a toujours pas contacté pour un essai...

Subject: Re: French Invoice reports
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 22:39:43 +0000

Le 23/11/2014 17:52, kootoo kootoo a écrit :
<blockquote cite="mid:BLU171-W7402BA24D94F5F688520E8D0750@phx.gbl" type="cite">
Hello community,

I try to use Odoo for my personal company that is based in France. I was very surprised to notice that the invoice reports were not suited for the French market as the template doesn't respect the national rules.

The things that I believe are missing (or that I missed somehow) : 
- Invoices should be in French only
- Buyer Shipping address isn't displayed
- Sales with no VAT  (DOM, Export, B2B EU sales) : compulsory reference in relation with the text law according to the fiscal position
- Date of the sale (may be different from Invoice date)

All deployments of OpenERP in production include a customization of the invoice report (and other reports as well).

By the way, the "compulsory reference in relation with the text law according to the fiscal position" is already present in the "note" field of the fiscal position. Unfortunately, in v8, this field is not translatable any more (it used to be in v7). To solve this, you can use my module "account_fiscal_position_translate" that you will find in my usability branch

<blockquote cite="mid:BLU171-W7402BA24D94F5F688520E8D0750@phx.gbl" type="cite">

And improvement of the final layout to suit better to French business habits : VAT field showing only the percent of VAT and not the type/ description, ...

I may be missing other stuffs as I'm not a legal expert but as Odoo / OpenERP has been on for a long time now, I can imagine a lot of people had invoice templates done. 

Wouldn't it make sense to have all this integrated in the  l10n_fr module ?

The problem is that there are many reporting engines : qweb, webkit, aeroo, jasper, pentaho, etc... and everybody has its preferred reporting engine. So, if we provide a reference template in the French localisation, it would be in one reporting engine (which one ? qweb for v8 ?), so it won't be used by the people who prefer another one.

<blockquote cite="mid:BLU171-W7402BA24D94F5F688520E8D0750@phx.gbl" type="cite">
In the meanwhile, is there any module at the moment that could help me using Odoo ? Because it's legally impossible to use Odoo this way at the moment.
Customizing the invoice template is not difficult. But it's true that it requires some technical knowledge...

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