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Re[2]: Logistic invoice control

- 12/05/2014 04:39:17
Hello Jordi,
I do not agree on this.
To my opinion Eva and Stephen are looking for a solution to register incoming invoices (maybe not post them yet ??), to be able to match them later to any logistic transaction (purchase or receipt of goods).
As far as I am familiar with these kind of functionality I know that customers would like to use this as a kind of pre-registration.
The invoice is available in the system, but has not yet any financial consequences. It is not visible on any general ledger account yet, but ik CAN be used in cash flow overviews.
Scanning options can be very helpfull to do these kind of pre-registration.
Curious about what direction you guys are thinking.
Peter van Montfort
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Verzonden: 5-12-2014 0:37:05
Onderwerp: Re: Logistic invoice control
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Hello Eva and Stephen,

In my opinion, in the scenario where a user creates a supplier invoice or refund without reference to an preceding document, the system should not accept it to be validated, until the invoice is properly referenced, the quantities match and the price variance is under the tolerance limit.

  • Invoice lines referencing to stockable or consumable products should refer to a stock move.
  • Invoice lines referencing to services should refer to a purchase order line.

Basically this would mean doing a proper 3-way match.

I am now facing issues with the goods receipt process in different scenarios (make-to-order, make-to-stock, drop shipment) with real time stock valuation, because the model is not defined consistently.
See my latest blog post:

The good news is that in my opinion this consistency can be achieved. All the pieces of the puzzle are there. It's just a matter of putting them all together properly (or connecting the dots, others may say).


On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 8:02 PM, Stephen Scott <> wrote:

I am an Odoo newbie, but an old man in ERP implementations. My client and I are starting to work with an established Odoo partner on an Odoo evaluation. I have no ambitions (yet) to become a deep expert.


However: This point is a very interesting for our project. The process Eva describes is exactly what my client would expect to use. If adopted, Odoo would replace some small-medium business ERP systems for distribution companies which are partly OK, but they are old and have too many gaps to address the drivers of complexity in the business. Most of these systems already work this way. It would be very reassuring if there is an existing answer to this. It is typical of the kind of function which would be a test for the client of whether Odoo is a challenger to their commercial / closed source options.


Kind regards

Stephen Scott

Syncresis Ltd


From: Eva Pinter []
Sent: 03 December 2014 12:37
To: Community
Subject: Logistic invoice control




I have seen that it is well possible to create draft invoices from Purchase orders or from Incoming deliveries. Some of my customers have another process for logistic invoice verification:


1. Receive the invoice in Accounting and post it in draft mode

2. Compare the posted invoice with the different not invoiced positions either from incoming deliveries or from purchase orders

3. Allow or reject the invoice based on the difference

4. If there is an accepted difference, it should be posted in a specific account based on the type of difference.


Is this process possible in Odoo V8?


If not, has someone already worked on developing something around that?


This point is getting more and more relevant as many customers scan their invoices and want to be able to use the scan to do invoice control.


Thank you in advance for any answer


Best regards

Eva P.

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