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Re: Accounting v9: updated specifications

Narayana Moturi
- 12/05/2014 02:25:30
Thanks Fabian for sharing the specs.

We also need to reconsider the “supplier proposed payments” , I haven’t seen any customer at our end, processing individual supplier invoices, basically we need to have an interface whereby :-

1) Select the proposed payment run criteria - by Payment Terms , Due date ,amount (> or <) 
2) Option to include and select supplier Credits
3) The invoice need to show only outstanding balances ( current proposed payment prints the original invoice amount)
3) Option to Generate bank files (eft or any other bank formats)
4) Ability to have an option to apply the payments ( current proposed supplier payment is only used for printing)


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On 26 Oct 2014, at 2:47 am, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:

Dear Odoo community,

Following our accounting workshop with community members (around 25
attendees from UK, NL, BE, CH, FR, RO, DE), we updated the accounting
specifications for version 9:

We still have a few open questions for the community:

1/ does anyone use "Python" computed taxes for another reason than:
rounding (at 0.05 in Switzerland) or division computation (like in
Bolivia or Brazil)

2/ does anyone have refund Tax accounts that are different from the tax
account of the related invoice? (I mean account.account, not

3/ do you sometimes have for THE SAME invoice, some lines which are with
tax included in price and other lines with tax excluded of the price?

4/ did you ever needed a tax with two levels? (a tax that has children
and those children also have children)

Please have a look at this document and check if it matches with your
country requirements.


Fabien Pinckaers
Odoo Founder

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