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Re: Odoo Technical Training

Mohamed Magdy
- 12/04/2014 19:29:53
Hi Alejandro,

Thank you for your time to ask :)
  • will you use the new Odoo-v8 api?
    Sure, I will use new Odoo-v8 api, and I will work on Improve the quality of the course and update the material all the time

  • will I be able to ask you some questions if I didn't understand something?
    Yes, you have the ability to ask whatever what you want and you have two channels to get the answers Me and the rest of users in the discussion section of the course.

  • when will the course be complete?
    The course is expected to be completed after 45  days(5-7 lectures will be available each Saturday at 00:00 CLT.

  • will you teach how to make/customize modules to extend the POS functionality?
    POS module is not in the scope of our course for now, But it a good idea, let me what can I do.
    By the end of the course you'll have all basics which improve your ability to customize and create ANY modules in Odoo, 
I wish my answers satisfies you :)

Thank you again