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Re: Accounting v9: updated specifications

Eric Caudal (Odoo Community Association)
- 12/04/2014 19:09:59
I think I never got answer on that topic which is really important.
We will come up in the coming weeks with a set of modules for v7, summary of our past months analysis and deployment on the topic with:
- Multicurrency LC
- possibility to have container's assigned LC template to spread over several PO (container => PO => IS or later stock picking)
- possibility to have LC on PO and SP for the following distribution keys: amount, unit, volume and weight
- possibility to have separate duty zone (DZ) and cost price in a company. Meaning that you could have a LC on an internal move that will recalculate your DZ cost price and transfer from one balance sheet account to another.
- Possibility to add LC rules between locations (eg transfer from duty free to duty paid with the corresponding taxes)
- wizard to post the LC into average price and accounting that were not taken into account at PO or SP processing (Month end process)

This topic and above features are very hot amongst my customers (I dont have any who doesnot request it and it is a legal requirements in some countries) and I am still wondering whether it will be taken into account properly in v9.

2014-10-28 9:07 GMT+08:00 Caudal Eric <>:
Hi Fabien,
Thanks for the feedback.

I am currently working on the accounting localization for a company in Singapore (in v7) and one of the main topics is the treatment of the landing costs in the accounting operations.
One of the requirements is that we need to be able to have a different cost for 2 main warehouses (inbond and duty-paid) with a one-way transaction  (internal stock move) from Inbond to duty-paid with the corresponding fees (landing cost) associated.
As soon the goods arrive in DP location, the cost must be updated and include the cost of inbond + LC. When the sales invoice is validated (with AS accounting), COGS should be the cost associated to the location that originate the stock move (cost or cost+LC)
This kind of transaction is quite common in the countries we are currently dealing with (China, HK, SG, etc...) and quite standard for any company involved in international business trade (This is probably even true for large companies with several warehouses and high inter-warehouse transfer costs).

Currently Singaporian  auditors cannot certify Odoo without this capability (multiple cost + LC proper management) and I wouldnot be surprised this would be the case for other countries.

Are there any plan to elaborate on this kind of requirement within this scope?
Should it be included as part of WMS management (currently in v8 there is a LC module and easier cost management at location level)?
In general, I see few requirements/proposal for changes on transaction setup (sales/purchase/stock) and for example the possibility in multi-company environment to select between continental / Anglosaxon accounting.
What are the plan on this particular topic?

Looking forward to reading you
Eric Caudal

2014-10-25 23:46 GMT+08:00 Fabien Pinckaers <>:
Dear Odoo community,

Following our accounting workshop with community members (around 25
attendees from UK, NL, BE, CH, FR, RO, DE), we updated the accounting
specifications for version 9:

We still have a few open questions for the community:

1/ does anyone use "Python" computed taxes for another reason than:
rounding (at 0.05 in Switzerland) or division computation (like in
Bolivia or Brazil)

2/ does anyone have refund Tax accounts that are different from the tax
account of the related invoice? (I mean account.account, not

3/ do you sometimes have for THE SAME invoice, some lines which are with
tax included in price and other lines with tax excluded of the price?

4/ did you ever needed a tax with two levels? (a tax that has children
and those children also have children)

Please have a look at this document and check if it matches with your
country requirements.


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