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problems with transactions in foreign currencies Odoo 9, 10

- 10/19/2016 14:42:34
Yes, Odoo perfectly works with currencies if you use documents but I
wrote about manual operations (the pic of the Miscellaneous Operations
journal attached). The form has got only one field for an amount in a
foreign currency. And if you have more than just customer and supplier
invoices and bank statements you have to create records manually
because there's no documents to create them.

Translations rates are available and can be traced even they are not
saved with transactions so I do not see any problem for auditors.

Adding a presentation currency is relatively easier than rewrite using
of the amount_currency, debit, credit fields. Just add two fields for
debit and credit in the presentation currency and add one function
that calculates an amount in the presentation currency from the
company's currency.

Sincerely yours
  Artem Afanasev
  Public Accountant