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Odoo 9. Despositing moneu received in cash from POS into the bank

Jordi Ballester Alomar
- 03/01/2016 18:15:09

Dear accounting experts,

It is common preactice in serveral countries to deposit money that has been collected as cash from the POS into the bank.

The usual procedure is the same as with checks. Create a batch deposit.

However I can see that in v9 it is not possible to use the batch deposit to send cash collected from the POS to the bank.

The reason is that batch deposit uses the payment model as the basic element, and the POS does not reflect the money received using the payment model.

You receive money using different models, and this is where trouble comes.

I see two options here:
1.- Change the POS to record payments instead of reconciled bank statement lines. -> complex change. Must override standard.
2.- Migrate the existing community batch deposit modules to v9. As they operare ln the basis of journal entries it would cover both checks and cash.

Wie'll be working on this topic. Please let me know your thoughts.