Odoo as your Enterprise Social Network

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17. Demonstration

12. How to use it ? Discussion groups Live chat Inbox Chatter

14. How to use it ? Discussion groups Live chat Inbox Chatter

15. How to use it ? Discussion groups Live chat Inbox Chatter

3. Introduction

6. Advantages of the Odoo Apps

9. How to use it ? Easy , simple and flexible

19. Conclusion

21. Questions ?

1. Odoo as your Enterprise Social Network Aurore Lesage, Odoo Functional Consultant

4. 1 Introduction Your company used to organize events all around the world. 2 Next week, you have an event in Los Angeles and your colleague is on - site.

13. How to use it ? o Your inbox is your todo list ! o No more email overload Discussion groups Live chat Inbox Chatter

16. How to use it ? o Discussion Groups Registration on your website 1. 2. Discussion groups Live chat Inbox Chatter

7. Advantages 1 Connect W ith Experts : get the right information in the right time. 2 Follow W hat I nterests Y ou : make the information flow across your company 3 Get Things Done : your inbox is a todo list

8. Advantages 4 Promote Best P ractices : discussion groups at your fingertips 5 Improve A ccess to Information and Expertise : easily find the information you need 6 Secure Collaboration 7 Twitter - like Network For Your Company

2. 1 Topics Introduction 2 Advantages 3 How to use it ? 4 Demonstration 5 Conclusion

18. 1 Demonstration Context 2 Interaction on an event / a project 3 I nbox as a todo list 4 Creation of a discussion group 5 On the website : Discussion group registration 6 Live chat with my colleagues

20. Conclusion With Odoo Social Network Apps : o Share information with the right person o Get work done with effective collaboration o Avoid useless meeting o Decrease email overload

11. How to use it ? Discussion groups Live chat Inbox Chatter o On customer forms o On quotations o On product forms o On projects o On contracts o ...

5. 3 Introduction You will have to manage everything from your office in Belgium: • collaborate with your colleague, • share documents with him, • promote the event, • discuss with customers, • getting things done, • etc. 4 What kind of system will help you to manage everything without increasing your email overload ?

10. How to use it ? Tools for a good communication : o A c hatter integrated into each Odoo Apps o Your inbox as a todo list o A c hat to talk in live with your colleagues o Discussion groups for your different teams but also for your customers

22. Odoo sales@odoo.com +32 (0) 2 290 34 90 www.odoo.com R&D and services office Chaussée de Namur 40 B - 1367 Grand Rosière Sales office Avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse 5 B - 1160 Brussels Thank You Call to Action


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