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The future of Odoo, presented at Odoo Experience 2015. Modern companies are Customers centric and not Accounting centric.

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2. The Odoo Revolution

11. Being Customer Centric

14. Frontend / Backend integration

27. Theme Store

28. Apps Store

34. Example: new doc

4. This approach is so 2000...

17. but the most impressive is...


22. Next Steps Going grom 2M users to 10M users!

19. Odoo is much more than just a product...

15. Integrate ALL sales channel CRM Point of Sales E-Commerce

6. Most companies have an ERP for the core and several extra apps, not fully integrated ...

12. Example 1: Traceability Traditional ERPs Incoming Stock Delivery

24. Odoo 9 ETA Q3 2014 Online users Q4 2014 On premise users

23. Massively Invest On The Product 1

29. User Experience And Customer Success 2

8. Modern companies are not accounting centric, they are “ customer centric ”!

26. Today, a smartphone without an app store is worthless. Tomorrow, an ERP without a strong apps store will be worthless too. → Odoo = the first enterprise apps store The Enterprise Apps Store

35. Odoo 9 Enterprise Odoo 8 Odoo 9 Community Odoo 9 Enterprise Open Source Non-free features

31. Align Everyone's Interests Community, Partners, Customers, Odoo 3

36. All of this while maintaining a fun working environment and a sane relationship with partners, community and customers.

3. Current ERPs Accounting Sales Purchases ... Inventory Manufacturing ... Accounting Centric Model

18. It works out-of-the-box V V Easy to use Low configuration required Super flexible Cover all best practices V V

32. Currently: too much friction Odoo SA's services include: selling documentation, training, upgrades, support, bugfixes (of the core), etc. Partners services include: training, support, bugfixes (their modules + core), custom developments, implementation services → Too much overlap!

16. Bring productivity to every employee V For managers For Users Traditional ERPs Odoo V For managers For Users V

20. Not only a product... Strong Product 2.000.000 users + All you need to transform a market A Global Offer 600 partners Huge community + Great Brand 130 Countries

9. Customers became the challenge of modern companies, not only integrating accounting. They use plenty of non integrated apps for customer related functions: POS, mass mailing, lead tracking, eCommerce, sales consolidation, after sales services, communication tools... But you can't offer an amazing and unified customer experience without integration. 2015 Problems

21. Root cause of the success Development Model Revenue Model Open Source OE + Services + New releases by Odoo SA Continuous improvement by Community & Odoo. Sustainable for both partners and Odoo SA Highly valuable product at A very low price for end users

13. Example 1: Traceability Traditional ERPs Marketing Campaign Visitors Leads Customer Services Incoming Stock Delivery ERP + CRM Incoming Stock Delivery ERP Odoo

33. Future In the future, Odoo SA will focus on a single source of revenues: extra features. We will not need anymore to monetize extra services. Impact: ● Free documentation ● Free trainings ● Free upgrade tools (in 2016?) ● No need to sell bugfixes (just do it) → Only one goal: help people use Odoo → Less friction with partners and OCA (e.g. OpenUpgrade)

5. Modern companies face new challenges Accounting Marketing E-commerce Communication Costumer services Accounting

30. User Experience Marketing:  Focus on user experience: new website (ERP → Apps), docs & tutorials, customer feedback, translation to french, SaaS on boarding review, etc.  Work less on attracting visitors / lead generation R&D:  User on boarding  Planners & configuration tools  Fix all customer pain points Sales:  Renewal teams → Customer Success team

25. Version 10: reaching perfection Focus on usability:  Reduce implementation costs (config, on boarding...)  Not only the product but platform, docs, translations...  Super fast & mobile With the user in mind: ● Boost employee productivity (do more with less efforts) Reaching perfection: ● Thousands of small details (rather than a few new apps) Huge improvement on community apps: ● Apps store (as a way to finance evolution for partners)

7. Modern companies needs Modern companies face new challenges Accounting Marketing E-commerce Communication Customer services x x x x

10. The Odoo Approach Modern Companies are Customer Centric Customer Accounting Inventory Purchase Marketing E-commerce Communication Customer services Sales


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