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SIT & Think Digital
P.O.BOX 341422, Sultan BC, AbdulAziz St
11333 RIYADH
Arabie Saoudite
+966 0552208580

SIT is a Digital Development Company, an entity under Musaid Al Sayyar Trading Group,  that can help your business grow with innovative and engaging solutions. We build cutting-edge digital solutions with the quick-engaging user interface and user experience. 
We provide ERP Solutions for any type and any size of business, mobile app development, business web development,  e-commerce development & IOT development.


Dalba Group
Dalba Group
Saudi economy has been hugely improved in all careers; agriculture, trading and industries. Our group (Dalba Group) is the one which should share in the economical improvement to provide the society surrounded and to get the advantages of the new wave of high technology. And our group provides has many activities; so if we take a look in the agricultural career we will find that one of our group produces the most important vegetables which are necessary for feeding the local market and produces also kinds of animal foods which is rich in the most important healthy materials and vitamins improving the animal wealth. In the industrial career our group has factories for producing thermo insulation materials and packing materials by the co-operation with SABIC company which feeding our factories with the raw materials which are environment friendly materials. In the constructions career as well our group providing the concern companies with the raw materials for the constructions such as blocks, interlock and many other kinds of concrete products. Also, our group shares in providing of water resources by drilling the wells with variant depths by depending on the most new high technology drilling experiences and equipments from the most famous suppliers in the world which have an ISOO registration to give the best quality. In the trading career as well our group considered as one of the agents for the biggest companies in the world.

All of that above makes our group (Dalba Group) to be a pioneer in the most important economical careers.
Lizard KSA
Lizard KSA
LIZARDKSA is a construction company specializing in general contracting, construction management, design-build, and self-performing interior trades services.
The company succeeded by providing a wide range of construction solutions in the market and delivering a whole lot of quality work.
Lizard Team impress the clients with their industry expertise and passion to get the job done.
Waynes Coffee
Waynes Coffee
Est. 1994, Scandinavia’s leading coffee shop chain with around 30,000 customers served every day.
Wayne’s is a major Swedish chain of coffee shops that is owned by its founders, and it is driven by the wish to be real in every detail.
We constantly search for new ways of making the fika break tastier, more fun and more pleasant for everyone.
That’s why it’s so great that we exist.