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PT. Indosis Integrasi

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PT. Indosis Integrasi
Jln. Tebet Utara 4 No. 1 Jakarta 12810.
12810 Jakarta

Since 2008, Indosis Integrasi has helped businesses across Indonesia to use technology to transform processes, culture, and customer experience to meet the changing market needs. We have the experience of working with large enterprises and small businesses across a wide range of industries including telecommunication, trading, e-commerce, entertainment, banking and utilities sector.

Through our expert IT services, we’ll free up your time and streamline your processes, so that you can reduce your costs and let you focus on what your company is design for  and achieve your goals faster. 

We can tailor our solutions to your specific needs with the use of Odoo integrated modules, and if need be we can also provide you with customized solutions to transform and optimize your business process. 

For a free assessment or demo of Odoo contact us at info@sisintegrasi.co.id.