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NCIC Inmate Communications is a trusted provider of inmate communications technologies, offering inmate telephone service, video visitation service, voice biometrics, deposit kiosks, multi-functional inmate kiosks, commissary ordering systems, educational inmate tablets, inmate mail-scanning and messaging solutions, inventory management and contraband mobile phone jamming devices. NCIC works closely with each of our facility partners to understand their unique operational and security needs, leveraging emerging technologies to streamline operations and replace outdated, paper-based facility processes.


NCIC has been in business for 24 years operating in all US states and 8 other countries. NCIC is the only large inmate telephone provider that is not owned and controlled by Private Equity interests, giving us the flexibility to design and deploy correctional technologies quickly, based on the requests and needs of our facility partners. While the Inmate Call Engine (“ICE”) is our core offering, NCIC now provides facilities with all forms of correctional communication devices and supporting software. NCIC utilizes multiple geographically separate storage centers for securely storing phone calls, video visitation sessions, inmate messages and all related data and records. A tertiary level of redundancy is provided by Amazon Cloud Services. NCIC’s cloud-based approach to delivering inmate services and applications to correctional facilities means that our modules are truly “plug and play,” giving facility administrators the flexibility to activate and deactivate various inmate services quickly and easily. NCIC interfaces with other existing facility software systems such as jail Management Systems (JMS) and Commissary/Trust systems, to ensure that inmate data and funds are able to flow seamlessly between disparate facility applications, with minimal interaction from facility staff.


NCIC strives to achieve a balance between security and reliability of inmate communications services, and providing fair rates and fees to inmates and their friends and families. Our services and technologies are trusted by more than 750 correctional facilities and the communities they serve.