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Integrity Business Outsourcing Solutions is an IT consulting firm based in Mombasa, Kenya.
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Databit Limited
Databit is a limited liability company that was incorporated on 21st January 1994. Our core business is in the voice and data communication industry. Since inception, it has been our company’s policy and commitment to provide an efficient, cost-effective and professional services to our clients.
Innovus Tech Consultants Limited
Founded in Kenya in 2018 by a team of finance experts and tech enthusiasts, Innovus Group offers a broad range of business and financial advisory and technology consultancy services to help businesses rise to the challenge of disruptive change and leverage on opportunities for improved business agility and profitable outcomes.

Partner with Innovus to map your journey through the toughest challenges of business growth, profitability, managed risks and competitive advantage whether you are an ear ...
Jenga Tech Solutions Limited
Founded by a Harvard Business School and McKinsey&Company alumni, Jenga is combining the right mix of business experience and tech talent to best understand the processes and needs of your company as well as to find the optimal cost effective technology/ERP solution to empower your employees and to unleash the potential of your enterprise. We work with local and pan-African clients. We are also developing custom country-specific modules such as Kenyan payroll to suit market needs. ...
OTB Africa
OTB Africa is an Information Technology company that specializes in open source Business Software, Application Development and IT Services.

Our motto “Beyond Limits” is our philosophy of value creation by co-creating with our clients to develop core competencies aimed at process improvement, higher productivity, service enhancement and cost efficiency.
Sainath Solutions Ltd.
SAINATH Solutions Ltd. is an ‘Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Advisory & Implementations’ firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. We advise organizations to identify & select the right ERP and help them
to implement the ERP. We also help organizations who have outgrown their existing ERP’s or unable to get the desired ROI (Return on Investment) from their existing ERP’s
Yazeem Technologies
Software and automation solution provider.