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Aplikacija d.o.o.
Aplikacija Zagreb is a small IT company working on business application systems in Croatia's public institutions. We have more than 15 years of experience with customers like Health care centers, Hospitals and Public health care institutions with...
Decodio Applications ltd.
Strength of our company lies in quality and modern consulting and technical solutions which our team provides through a strong combination of business process optimization and full scale business application customization. In order to deliver a long-term solution that can redefine your processes and help you maximize results, our team is committed to understanding and improving your business operations top-down and bottom-up.
E-Sustavi doo
Development, implementation, optimization and support of business solutions. Together with our partners, we will introduce you the latest ICT technology solutions to your business and provide tools for undisturbed growth and development.
ZIT uses Odoo's business intelligence systems to facilitate and support the best practices of your organization. We are dedicated to providing innovative and healthy changes to your organization through technology. ...