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1)   Business concept

E.B.TECH provides advanced technical solutions to companies. It was started in 2015 with the mission of becoming a highly professional and trusted provider of innovative technology solutions for government and industry to help our clients achieve a new level of performance.


2)   Our strategy

Our strategy is to determine and employ the right information and systems technology solutions for your business needs.


3)   Our vision

To be your solution provider using the right technologies.


4)   Our commitment

-      To lower your IT costs.

-      To decrease the time that you spend managing and maintaining IT.

-      To reduce your IT downtime and increase productivity.

-      To store and protect all your data with complete peace of mind.

-      To get new applications up and running.


5)   Our services

·       Business Automation.

·       ERP Systems.

·       Systems Maintenance.

·       Database Administration.

·       Business Intelligence.

·       Data Analytics System.


6)   Industries we serve

After a great success in the domestic market and the implementation of ERP Systems in large enterprises, E.B.TECH started its operations in the telecom sector and also other sectors like Manufacturing, Banking and Trading.