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Al-Watania Information Systems

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Al-Watania Information Systems
P.O. Box 53292
11593 Riyadh 12824
Arabie Saoudite

Al-Watania Information Systems (WiSys) is an IT and consulting services provider. It is part of a large group Awqaf Sulayman Al-Rajhi and based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
WiSys provides the services to all the sister companies in the group and aspires to be one of the leading system integrators and consulting firm in the region.

WiSys has expertise in SAP ERP implementation, ODOO implementation, Infrastructure Services, Digital Transformation, Web Design and Software Development. WiSys also provides hosting services for selective software at their data center facility.
Please refer to www.wisys.com.sa for more details about WiSys and its services.