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Announcements about new features, modules (open source or not), or documentation. No answers allowed. Highly moderated to ensure the best content, and limit spam of commercial ads.
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End user questions about how to use features, or the existence of features
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Discussions about Odoo SA, software editions, community processes and organisation
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This group gathers all the teachers who are part of the Education program. Share here you material and experience on Odoo for education purposes only. English is the main language
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Archived Mailing List
Community discussions on HR topics.
Archived Mailing List
An ambassador of our brand is someone willing to share our latest posts and news but especially willing to start conversations (with us at Odoo and with the outside world). We're looking for ambassadors to give us feedback, ideas on blog topics and other marketing matters. Let's get the conversations going so you can give us your thoughts! Our goal is to raise awareness of the Odoo brand via "our people", the ones who trust us, like what we do and who believe in us like we believe in you.
Archived Mailing List