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Re: CRM and Personnel Change

- 08/09/2018 03:56:34
Hello Mark,

We have developed the module for that. Actually it has advance functionality.

Now you can assign the lead to multiple sales person as well and it will be divide on them.
Module :

Please let me know if you find any difficulty

TechUltra Solutions
On 2018-09-08 03:04, Mark Robinson wrote:
Hi All,

I’m curious what others are doing with their leads when they have a
personnel change. If a salesperson is assigned to a bunch of
leads/opportunities, what do you do with these leads when that user
leaves the company? Is there a built-in process to switch the leads
over to someone else?

In the past I’ve had clients switch the Pipeline Kanban view to
group by salesperson, and then just drag the leads out of the
ex-salesperson and into other salespersons.

Wondering if there is a better way.

Mark Robinson

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