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Re: Odoo 11 - Unit of Measure

twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 23/11/2017 05:50:32

For most of my customers, it is much easier to create BoMs once per product than to count bottles every night. So my recommendation is described here: (or here for the direct download (I still have to fix my mixed content issue):

It would be cool though to develop a little module which automatically create the BoM and the Glass products with its variants from the Bottle product ....

On 11/22/17 11:35 PM, Caudal Eric wrote:
Easiest is to use the bottle or case as basic UoM and create product for the glass but manage your inventory every night or week via stocktaking for the location concerning the glass sales.
IMO forget about the BoM for the glass: too complicated for the business: they are used to count their bottles every night ;)

On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 6:16 AM Nihat Demir <> wrote:
We are trying to use Odoo 11 for restaurant business management in particularly inventory. But we have difficulty to configure Odoo Inventory and Products Unit of Measures. In restaurant industry, we purchase products in case of 6 bottle 75mL and selling it by glass 250mL. But we need to do inventory adjustment Unit of Measure in Case of 6 Bottles, or bottles not in 75cL. Stock Accounting and Stock valuation must be done in same as purchasing Unit of Measures.

Example Scenario to create:
PURCHASE: Case of 6 Bottle of DrinkA - Buying from $60
PURCHASE AND SELL: Bottle of DrinkA 75cL - Selling from $20
SELL: Glass of DrinkA 175mL - Selling from $5
SELL: Glass of DrinkA 250mL - Selling from $7.5

Note: Must do Inventory Adjustment and get report Inventory Valuation in Purchasing UoM

We also create recipes (BOM) for each dishes we sell, but sometimes, we need to use same BOM into another BOM. Are these possible to do with Odoo 11? I send you some explanation from another website about Unit of Measure in restaurant industry.

Please check this out:

I hope you give me advice or show how to do this. If you would like to send me email, I would be grateful to hear from you.

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