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Re: Product Variants :: Question

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 16/07/2014 09:03:45
I answered on the github issue:

On 07/16/2014 02:41 PM, wrote:
> 2014-07-16 3:19 GMT-05:00 Fabien Pinckaers <
> <>>:
>     We wanted to put most characteristics on the template otherwise it's
>     too complex for the end-user to create a new product. (having to
>     create a template then zoom to the variant just to set the cost
>     price is too complex)
> ​Hello Fabien, while I appreciate your message which explains a lot
> about implicit design decisions, I completely disagree with this
> specific statement. I think drilling this design doctrine down would
> ultimately result in making it "optioflexible"​, optionally flexible. To
> keep things simple, the idea to make working on variants optional is the
> way to go (as you described it), and even hide them completely if you
> don't need them. To keep things simple for people who really could make
> a lot of use of variants, a different approach is appropriate. I made a
> rough semi-technical draft suggestion on the relating github issue.
> ( And there, someone even
> expressed to be willing to contribute closely, and even monetarily.
> Interested parties can also find intereting links to the launchpad
> topic-history there.
> I share your blog vision about labour repartition in the open source
> ecosystem, so I wonder if this, beeing a wholistic rethink, might be a
> potential publisher task.
> It seems a real (and painful issue in case of 20k and more products to
> manage), and it seems that an optioflexible solution is probably even
> easier to realise than some intermediate solution, but it  is not the
> way community probably develops modules (as charging on very specific
> customer needs, e.g. making flexible one field at a time). And, looked
> at from the Odoo management perspective, it would be in line with Odoo
> generic approach and with Y-Axis of Odoo's target market. It could be
> even a good marketing argument for new targeted mass markets of online
> shops. As it is true that a 16GB Ipad is simply more expensive than a
> 32GB one. And I think, onlineshops usually deal with a greater number of
> products and have some product maintainance pains once in a while. Im
> just trying to figure out arguments from your management perspective
> point of view.
> There is anthere one: Strive for excellence, not just for "good enough"
> as it is sometimes advocated. ... As Grand-Rosière might want to beat
> Sillicon Vally ;-)
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