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Re: Full Accounting in Odoo CE

Andi Becker
- 16/11/2017 06:28:32

On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 3:10 PM, Dominique Chabord <> wrote:
yes, it is related since it is about duplicated work because of OCA CLA.

Dominique in that point you are absolute right and it is even duplicated but probably even multiplicated work which gets now done in many different projects beside ODOO CE which could have been done in ODOO CE without that OCA CLA.
and it could be even a much more beneficial work if ODOO S.A and OCA and all those others would pull again on one string like they did until the change to LGPL!

ODOO 8 = 100% work of ALL for a great 100% ODOO nurturing, motivating and encouraging each other and benefitting each other.
ODOO 9 and further = about 80% work by ODOO S.A. for CE - 20% for NO ACCESS for CE by ODOO S.A. = at least 20% less motivation and encouragement but it means also up to at least 20% spread of FEAR that things go even worse for CE only members to contribute.

It makes a huge difference if the leader is a great leader whoc is capable to motiate and encourage others or if it is one who is spreading existential fear for those who had never had huge interest in a proprietary approach but who loved the true spirit of Open Source Software licensed under GPL/AGPL - Inspire to share! -> this was it actually which made ODOO big at first place and it is never good to forget about your own roots or even start cutting off your own roots which nurtured you with contributions, feedbacks, critics, ideas, and lots of man hours too which often did not even got counted by those who did it because they loved the 100% fully functional product.

compare it to - both by Forbes!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 - why not 6? Well You made a decision, you stick to a decision, no matter if it was a reall good or a bad decision, for you it was good and so OK - I would say you are decisive and you started that proprietary way so continue going for it but take in account having a look to past forks that there is one huge differense with what is going on right now! You have to deal with a huge Indian workforce, with highly qualified people, with people who feel at home in Open Source Projects and if you had a bit a look to all projects which finally got kept as Open Source - most of them did NOT go far without exactly that Indian workforce and now this workforce. 

Phuket - Bangkok is about the same distance - so I really would not worry as there is nothing which could probably harm Odoo future versions 
the same would be go from Brussels to Geneva - no problem for Odoo as there is only Odoo and try to recruite people (expensive people)! but compare that to what is your competitors in the CE spectrum right now since Odoo 8

Ahmedabad, India—Mumbai, India - Nonstop Flights a day (18–19 per day 1:15h) - all about the same distance by car or plane, but with one huge difference - WORKFORCE - You are travelling more or less through the heart of Free Open Source Software Creation and Contribution Institutions, Companies, Universities and for sure if I would be Odoo S.A. and OCA actually, I would be very clear that great projects which started with a fork made by an Indian group of people or with major involvement of Indian programmers, Indian Companies will simply overrun you in the long run, if you don't stop it right now! And the only way to stop it would be to encourage all those great developers who work already for ideas, copied not seldom even by Odoo themselves, to get involved in Odoo instead on their own great future full featured and community driven products. OCA has already problems to get the CE versions upgraded since Version 8 to future versions - missing man-power! Imagine the huge mass of people who could work more or less in no time and for a tiny fraction of a Brussels salary for Odoo or for one of the from Odoo inspired new community driven creations! - only one "scottish" example. The Scotts like those in Swabian don't like to waste money and time but to be cooperative and inventive!
SuiteCRM won the BOSSIE Award 2015 and BOSSIE Award 2016 for the world's best Open Source CRM. Infoworld, the curators of the BOSSIE awards stated that "In little more than a year, SuiteCRM has inspired the community and emerged as a new leader in open source CRM." The award had been won by SugarCRM for the previous 8 years.
No matter VTiger, SuiteCRM, SugarCRM even Odoo and Copies, Clones, Inspirations would be nowhere near where they have been or still are or will be soon right now without Indian developers and for sure not reaching the BOSSIE AWARD in 2015, 2016 and in 2017 again and for sure next year? Does odoo and ocs love to end up like that in 2 years? no problem continue! Please wake up!

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