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Re: Full Accounting in Odoo CE

Dominique Chabord
- 16/11/2017 03:07:54
I thought again about it and went back to the discussions and
self-answered my question.

My conclusion is that Joel is right when he says :

"Now this right [relicencing] has never been used, and will only if
the essence of the OCA work at risk" because he speaks about a
relicencing decided by OCA without the agreement of [all] authors.

The case I opposed is different :

Known authors discussed about the relicencing of their code, so it was
an authors' decision, not an OCA decision.

My mistake comes from the fact that the requester of the chage was
also the PSC manager and the authors who firmly supported him are OCA
board members, including the OCA community manager. It makes the
decision to look as an OCA decision, but it is not, it is an decision
made by known authors.

Finally in this case, we see that it is very complex to complete the
true list of authors and get all necessary agreements. If this list is
not comprehensive, software users are at risk of a license dispute.

This case finally lets me think that OCA is right to provision for
such a situation and to allow itself to fix it in the future by the
CLA by an authoritative decision.

I think we can close this side discussion.

2017-11-16 6:55 GMT+01:00 Andreas Becker <>:
> 1. this has nothing to do with full accounting ...

yes, it is related since it is about duplicated work because of OCA CLA.