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Re: Full Accounting in Odoo CE

Dominique Chabord
- 15/11/2017 17:32:25
Can we avoid reopening the box ?

I'm pretty sure nobody had the full picture, everybody was of good
faith, and interpreting licences again is not the point. OCA took
severe sanctions against fake makers when it was identified and there
is no doubt left.
The only new question is whether "business requirement" is a good
reason to change the licence, because it was the reason why this case
started. And again I don't consider business is not important, but it
is not a risk on the essence of the work.

Seeing how some jump on my question to argue, lets me think I prefer
not to have any answer than reading again and again the same dispute.
let's move.

2017-11-15 23:16 GMT+01:00 Xavier Brochard <>:
> You are wrong
> It was recently discussed on OCA
> See
> Basicaly, Nhomar Hernandez started a totally new code . As he wrote :
> "This is not a derivative work.
> This was completly re-done, that's why the Copyright was removed, almost
> nothing is like Medical, there is not any copyright infringement."
> (read the full thread on Github for details)
> Regards
> Xavier
> Le mercredi 15 novembre 2017, 22:05:12 CET Yury Tello a écrit :
>> Hi Nhomar, I think that Thymbra was the original author, check:
>> oemedical/[1]
>> Thymbra was a good contributor up to OpenERP change of license, do you
>> remember ?
>> And Medical was released on GPL license and then some people relicensed to
>> AGPL...
>> enerp-32133[2]
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