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Re: Full Accounting in Odoo CE

Xavier Brochard
- 15/11/2017 17:14:55
You are wrong
It was recently discussed on OCA 

Basicaly, Nhomar Hernandez started a totally new code . As he wrote :
"This is not a derivative work.
This was completly re-done, that's why the Copyright was removed, almost 
nothing is like Medical, there is not any copyright infringement."

(read the full thread on Github for details)


Le mercredi 15 novembre 2017, 22:05:12 CET Yury Tello a écrit :
> Hi Nhomar, I think that Thymbra was the original author, check:
> oemedical/[1]
> Thymbra was a good contributor up to OpenERP change of license, do you
> remember ?
> And Medical was released on GPL license and then some people relicensed to
> AGPL...
> enerp-32133[2]