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Using analytical account as cost center

John Pia Jr
- 01/04/2016 12:43:03

Currently our cost center is built into the logic when creating a cost account,


6-250- 100

6 = major account - Expenses
250 = cost account - Electrical
100 = cost center - Location A

Having our account structure setup like this, allows me to run a general ledger report, and under any given cost account, I am able to see the breakdown for that account as it relates to each cost center.

Example of current GL report

6-250 = Total Electrical Expenses for company
    6-250- 100 = Electrical expense for locationA
    6-250- 200 = Electrical expense for locationB
    6-250- 300 = Electrical expense for locationC

I intend on using analytical account as my call center, which will allow me to drop the last 3 digits in my account code and separate accounts from call centers.

I have two questions:

1. Is it possible to produce the same type of general ledger report I'm used to if I use analytical accounts as the cost center?

2. If possible, am I able to create a relationship between an analytical account and they cost account.

Any input would be wonderful.

Thank you

- John Pia Jr