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Re: Odoo Implementation Survey

Andi Becker
- 21/02/2016 01:19:58

Yes I meant the OCA vertical branches. In comparison to Odoo with their all or nothing one package subscription solution anyone who does vertical packages for specific fields i.e. schools, hotels, ngos, German Companies etc. is providing probably a much better solution for many of those who are looking for a Solution based on Odoo.

OCA is one of those who provide such solutions but there are others too i.e. is providing a clean German solution without all those legal and problems caused by wrong translations etc. which might occur for German companies. And there are more if you have a look to all those repositories which provide stuff for Odoo - some are not called Odoo by the way as they gave their vertical solution based on Odoo an own name.

Unfortunately there is no general overview about what is actually already existing and also our students here did not find all of them until now.

All those vertical solutions could be much better promoted to a specific customer group than the over all ODOO subscription packages which Fabien is promoting right now.

Beside that it is also depending where Odoo based solutions get promoted and should get promoted. i.e. in Thailand and most South East Asean Countries beside Singapore and Malaysia a subscription model is often unaffordable for them but they for sure are very interested in vertical solutions. a Great Hotel Package with Frontedesk, connection to online services provided by, Agoda, Tripadvisore etc could have a huge market here while a general Odoo solution would be not at all appreciated as it would not fit there specific needs.

The same applies for Schools, Thousands of clubs (Lions, Rotary, Red Cross, Malteser, and many more all around the world), in the same way even more churches, mosques, buddhist temples etc and of course all NGO companies like Compassion is only one of them - what about UN related Organisations - are a great market field which will not at all be interested in a general Odoo Subscription Service but which is very very interested actually in a vertical solution for those verticals.

Therefore perhaps even a ODOO base solution would be the best start. which means a stripped of solution of Odoo, which than gets enhanced with modules from those verticals.

OCA might be a place where all those verticals could be build up and be promoted as a centralized place but as mentioned already before there are lots of agencies which provide verticals beside OCA too. But it would be a start to start promoting those OCA verticals as own solutions.

Building up Teams which develop and maintain those verticals and of course have an own marketing Team which does the promotion part like Fabien is doing it right now for the Overall ODOO Enterprise Subscription solution.

The result would be IMHO a great chance also to have comparisons between Odoo Enterprise All in One subscription and any other OCA vertical solution. 

I think that customers would appreciate it very much to learn much more about those verticals and what power actually is in them, beside the fact that they won't need to subscribe to anything, that they could get to there data at any time, they could benefit from great services provided by those who develop, maintain and support those verticals.

It would be a more Open Source Service based Solution which makes their income by providing services rather than getting money from partners and subscriptions.

You are right, until now Enterprise and Community are under the main author Odoo S.A. but for sure a stripped Community Base + Verticals could even implement changes in that Base and maintain it like is already doing it for the benefit of all who like to provide a clean Odoo Solution for the German market.

With the upcoming changes in MRP and the already (but different) OCA MRP Developments actually show that there is already doubled solution for Odoo 9/10. This is mainly caused perhaps by miscommunication between Odoo S.A. and those who provide much better solutions. 

Odoo S.A. would benefit much more if they would i.e. integrate those changes has done already in their "German" Solution - as most changes are not specific for Germany which they made but they are simply avoiding lots of things from scratch. Beside that Odoo S.A. already could have changed their faulty German translations to those provided by

This is only one example.

IMHO Verticals will have the greatest growth in market shares in future but all of them will be based on several base Odoo functionality i.e. ODOO Core, CRM, Website Builder, ... and already here it is actually splitting up in things needed and things which would need to be modified or stripped of in those verticals.

Actually there could be a separate website builder development already as this feature is one of the features we figured out on presentations we made, that interests customers the most. Unfortunately many of them still don't like the limitations and restrictions, which could be quite easily be solved by providing a website-builder replacement 100% which than would include all the great seo stuff from bloopark - but without all those restrictions and drawbacks they have to make because they still depend on the original website builder. A Gallery Module which would manage 10tsds of images is also a feature often asked and until now not existing. Many hotels and schools meanwhile use customer images to promote their sites, similar actually to what and not at least facebook is doing with images.

Coming back to the question if there are surveys which reflect not only a "yes we are great view" of Odoo written by Odoo Partners who +1 Fabiens requests, you can google for them and you won't find any.

Not sure about it but perhaps there is a chance to introduce those community verticals one by one at some online and published papers like t3n etc. To start with that we probably would need to have first a running demo system for those verticals.