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Re: [website] Rewriting url /page/page-name to url / page-name

VentorTech, Oleg Kuryan
- 23/11/2015 05:37:07

Just to confirm what Luke is saying. We are using this website_seo module in real production system for customer that migrated from wordpress.
So far he is satisfied with functionality.
We created our fork for it just to have some small changes

Also you need to understand that Odoo CMS is quite young and for customers who used wordpress previously and would like migrate to Odoo we always saying - that "you shouldn't expect that Odoo based system will be copy of wordpress". And Odoo has many other strong sides. That saves a lot of time going forward for discussions like - "where is this feature or where is that feature".


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On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 10:03 AM, Cocopapa <> wrote:
Thanks Luke

You mean the website_seo part I guess

Provide the base for an improved SEO handling
This module adds a new seo_url field to the website.seo.metadata model. It means all models which inherit website.seo.metadata will have the new seo_url field. In general it affects website modules like website_blog, website_forum, website_hr_recruitment etc. The module itself adds no SEO handling. It is done in additional modules like website_seo_blog.

We will check it out. It is sad that odoo is not doing it properly at first place as it advertises itself as a great tool for seo, but good urls are quite important! Especially in multilingual websites.



On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 1:42 PM, Luke Branch <> wrote:
I'd recommend taking a look at this project:

Specifically the _seo modules. 

Odoo can't handle this out of the box, however this project aims to resolve that issue.

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On 23 Nov 2015, at 1:38 PM, Cocopapa <> wrote:


is it possible to rewrite the URL of pages build by the odoo 9 website builder

New pages get url /page/page-name but page is always and stays always page (in English which isn't useful at all.)

What would be the best way to achieve seo friendly urls like 

url /page-name/subpage-name/ ....
  1. i.e. can odoo do it by itself without that /page/ path element, can /page/page-name be mapped to /page-name without the need to define a web controller which renders that page like this.


  2. i.e. has someone experience with using mod_rewrite for Apache2.4. to achieve this kind of urls if Odoo it self can't manage it. 
or isn't that possible at all with Odoo. 

Thanks Cori

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