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Are footer & header string in qweb translatable?

Vauxoo S.A. de C.V., Humberto
- 20/05/2015 03:43:49
Hi Community

I have for long time been developing reports,
yet I do not consider myself an expert.

I have gone through the almost extinguished & beloved RML
Jasper, Webkit, and now qweb,

I can recall that everything in RML was translatable.
Jasper is another story,
Webkit Headers and footer were translatable

Now I have been heavily working with qweb,
and I have come to this issue, String in the
footer and headers strings are not exported
as translatable.

my offending strings are here

I have tried several times with the export language tool from odoo
as I have always done but it is not providing me the needed string to translate.

In the meantime they will be comment out.

Any help will be appreciated
Best Regards