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RE: Sales Deduction

- 25/01/2015 07:34:21

Hi mohamed ,


I am fine thanks you , I hope you are fine too .


Thanks for your reply I have checked on the mentioned check box the displayed but I didn’t' see any accounting setup for sales seduction .


Is there any way to create journal for the  discount


For Example :-


Sales price 10

Discount    2%


               DR.Customer  8

               DR. Discount    2

                    Cr.Revenue     10


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How are you Gamal,


If you mean sales discounts, enable it from the sales settings .

after enabling it you will get a discount field on the sales order lines ( and if you need more info about the discount check sale modules for invoice and SOs )


for purchase discounts I'm not sure if there's the same functionality.





On 01/25/2015 11:27 AM, Emad Gamal Naguib wrote:

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Hello experts ,


Could you help to manage the sales deduction on sales order or customer invoice ,

although purchase deduction .

there are no fields available for deduction [ percentage or amount ]



Emad Gamal


Skpe emad.gamal4906

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