Route/Operation for create a Receipt on a Sales Order

Variation of this question :

-> allows to have on the delivery order only the product needing to be delivered to the client and not the product the customers is sending back. 


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This is useful when customers can send back used product in order to receive a discount on their Sale Order for purchasing a new product. In this case, we need to automatically create a delivery order for the new product & a receipt order in our stock for the old product (that gives a discount to the customer). 

(the screenshots have been anonymized)

1) Create a new “Delivery” Operation Type (let’s call it “declenchement reprise”). 

The default source location & destination should be the Partner Location/Customers. This is required in order to trigger the future reception. 

2) Create a new “Receipt” Operation Type (let’s call it “TBR”). The default source location should be the Partner Location/Customers and the default Destination location should be your stock “WH/Stock”. 

3)  Create a new Route (let’s call it reprise de selle), applicable on product & Sales Order Lines, with 3 rules

=>> First rule - is required for triggering the receipt thanks to second rule 

“Pull From” the Operation Type “declenchement reprise” (previously created), from “Partner Locations/Customers” and at destination of “Partner Locations/Customers” 

This rule will create a fictive stock move, from the customer’s stock to the the customer’s stock. Even tough it’s not corresponding to the reality, this step is required for triggering the receipt thanks to the second rule.  

=>> Second rule - create the receipt 

“Push to” Operation type “TBR” (previously created), from “Partner Location/Customers” to your stock WH/Stock or a sub-stock “TBR” 

=>> Third rule (is optional if you previously pushed the product directly into your stock WH/Stock) - push the product from sub-stock “TBR” to your stock WH/Stock

4) You can now create a Sale Order and mention the Route previously created on the product giving the client a discount and requiring to enters your stock. In order to include the discount, the price of that product should be negative. 

Confirming the quote will give you 4 Delivery (or 3 if you deliver directly into your stock WH/Stock). The first delivery to confirm is the fictive stock move from "partner location/customer" to "partner location/customer". 

Variation :
Use case : Customer scraps the product himself but needs to be refunds and the company wants to handle this operation from the sales order.
To do : use the same logic but only create one rule & one operation type : trigger recovery, from customer to customer.