How to do all packaging in one warehouse?

Peter Thygesen


I have two warehouses A and B. 

Shop is connected to warehouse A and it is supplied from warehouse B.  

Product A is "Make To Order" (no stock) and purchased in WH B and sent to WH A which then send it to customer (or they pick it up)

Product B is Make To Stock (only on stock in WH B) 


If I create a resupply rule I can get Product B sent from WH B to WH A, but it will not be packed with product A before it gets to WH A... 

If I dont have the resupply rule Product B is never sent from WH B to A.. (but it is added to the picking list in WH A???)

How do I do ALL packaging in WH B, so if a customer buys Product A and B both are packed in WH B and then shipped to WH A in one package.