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Odoo enables seamless business operations for Vascular Wellness Management, Inc.
Customer Success Story Community Talk
Lieu : Hall 7.E - 10/11/2023 12:00 - 10/11/2023 12:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
Odoo enables seamless business operations for Vascular Wellness Management, Inc.
Rachel Smets
PR Executive à Divine Web Tech LLC
Rachel Smets
PR Executive à Divine Web Tech LLC

2xTEDx Speaker & Coach, YouTuber, Author and Digital Nomad.
Rachel helps ambitious professionals CHANGE from STUCK in an unfulfilling career to a meaningful FREEDOM lifestyle by turning passion into income.

Rachel is working as a PR Executive of Divine Web Tech since May, 2022

Living and working in many countries, she has learned to turn every challenge into a new opportunity.
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Vascular Wellness Management (VWM) has served close to a hundred thousand patients in the North America across diverse settings providing the highest quality and most innovative, effective and timely vascular access services. They improve patient outcomes by providing mobile, on-site, and on-call standard vascular access services at the bedside.

“API creation is very fast with Odoo, what typically takes several days of development with other ERP frameworks is being accomplished by your team within a day.”
-Joe, Chief Technologist, VWM

* The Objective:

Vascular Wellness provides mobile, on-site, on call vascular services where highly trained clinicians travel to facilities in order to perform vascular procedures. To smoothly run these key business operations, they wanted to:

-Eliminate paperwork
-“All In One” Platform for all their business operations.
-Remain HIPAA compliant

* The Challenge : Customized ERP Solution with an iOS Application Interface

The President of VWM, Alan Etkin, frustrated after unsuccessfully trying to build a HIPAA compliant ERP integrated mobile application, despite spending thousands of dollars over the last two years, approached Divine Web Tech to solve this acute problem.

The President of VWM found Divine Web Tech listed as a Odoo partner with deep expertise in the healthcare industry. Thus, with the help of the Odoo's partner portal, Divine Web Tech was successful in venturing into the North American healthcare industry.

The key challenges faced by VWM were:

-No integration between traditional ERP & iOS app
-Difficulty in tracking critical patient and facility master data
-Inability to manage inventory which was recorded in multiple Excel spreadsheets with complex formula
-Dependent on multiple 3rd party software to manage data due to non-centralisation
-Unavailability of real-time reports for separate business heads
-Having a HIPAA compliant chat integration and management of PHI (Protected Health Information)
-Migration of historical data to new system without compromising strict HIPAA & PHI compliance
-Creating an iOS application which is easy to operate for clinicians

*The Solution: HIPAA compliant easy to use customized Odoo ERP integration with iOS App

Our expert team completed the entire project for VWM which resulted in:

-Seamless data integration between Odoo ERP and iOS application made possible by Odoo API endpoints
-Easy tracking of crucial patient & facility master data in a centralized environment
-Out-of-box inventory management solution without complex formula, with real-time tracking ability on a single interface
-All applications under Odoo umbrella, eliminating 3rd party software dependence & ensuring smooth functioning across all verticals e.g. Purchase, Scheduling, Appointments, Clock-in / Clock-Out, Timesheets, Invoicing etc.
-Availability of real-time customized reports on demand for all business heads
-Creation of HIPAA compliant data environment where data transfer is enabled without storing on local device
-Highly functional, easy to use iOS application for clinicians with added feature of nearest available expert for treatment

“This is really awesome, can’t wait to have hands on this amazing system!”
 -Jennifer, Clinical Operations Manager, VWM

We are proud to announce that we were able to deliver the entire project in less than 6 months!

Thanks to Odoo’s Enterprise Platform, VWM is now able to improve patients’ care and health through faster medical operations due to elimination of paperwork, data centralisation with HIPAA compliance, customized real-time analysis and more, all on one single platform.