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Digital Transformation of the General Authority of Communications and Informatics (GACI) in Libya using Odoo
Customer Success Story Community Talk
Lieu : Hall 7.D - 10/11/2023 13:30 - 10/11/2023 14:00 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
Digital Transformation of the General Authority of Communications and Informatics (GACI) in Libya using Odoo
Ghaith Sadok ammar
CEO à Sahara International group
Ghaith Sadok ammar
CEO à Sahara International group

Ghaith Gammar, the visionary founder of Sahara International Group, has been an esteemed Odoo partner since 2011. With over a decade of experience, he has led the company to the forefront of technology-driven solutions. Ghaith's expertise in Odoo implementation and customization has garnered acclaim within the industry. As a seasoned speaker, he passionately shares his insights at various platforms, captivating audiences with his profound knowledge and innovative strategies. With a relentless commitment to excellence, Ghaith Gammar continues to inspire and shape the Odoo ecosystem for a prosperous future.

In a monumental step towards the digitalization of Libya's government entities, the General Authority of Communications and Informatics (GACI) embarked on an extensive implementation of Odoo. This endeavor was divided into three distinct phases, each bringing its own set of challenges and benefits.

Key Learnings:

Employee Empowerment: The first stage focused on HR, introducing an employee self-service portal. This not only streamlined administrative processes but also empowered employees, giving them direct access to essential services.
Integrated Government Resource Planning (GRP): The second stage introduced integrated modules for finance, procurement, projects, archiving, and e-correspondence. By consolidating these functions, GACI enhanced inter-departmental efficiency and cohesion.
Public e-Services: The final stage introduced an e-services portal, making governmental services more accessible to the public, and revamping the GACI website for a modern user experience.

Value to the Audience:
Attendees will glean insights into the transformative power of a well-executed digitalization project. The talk will highlight real-world challenges, solutions, and outcomes of the Odoo implementation. It underscores the potential for Odoo to revitalize governmental functions, from employee management to public services.

Target Audience:
This talk will be invaluable for:

Government officials and policymakers aiming to understand the implications and benefits of digitalization.
IT professionals and consultants seeking a deeper understanding of Odoo's capabilities in a large-scale setting.
Entities and organizations, both within and outside Libya, considering a shift towards digital solutions for enhanced efficiency and public service.

Join us as we delve into Libya's pioneering journey of governmental digital transformation through Odoo.