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Workforce Capacity Management with Odoo
Demo Functional
Lieu : Studio 7 - 07/10/2021 17:00 - 07/10/2021 17:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
Workforce Capacity Management with Odoo
Blue Stingray
Odoo Partner
Blue Stingray
Odoo Partner

Blue Stingray creates client-specific solutions utilizing modern technologies. As part of our commitment to cloud/web-based development, we offer deployment, customization, and support of Odoo’s full suite of enterprise-level applications.

Our team of ERP engineers has extensive experience deploying a wide range of Odoo modules; from customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to inventory (MRP) & project management applications. Once you’re up and running, we will continue to provide excellent and personalized support to keep your business running smoothly.

Blue Stingray runs a team of software developers and ERP integrators in-house. We provide a full spectrum of services. Often, this includes starting the project from scratch, performing business process discoveries, developing plans and estimations, performing implementations with custom development, and maintaining and supporting systems.

As such, we run into questions constantly.

  • Why was that estimate off?

  • Do we need more resources to complete this project?

  • Can we take on additional clients right now? Or in 6 months?

  • Are we utilizing the team’s time properly?

In this talk we will present how we developed a system using Odoo to analyze the capacity and make executive decisions on the workforce needed to meet the demand. 

We will explain how our custom Odoo tool collects timesheet data and then processes it in order to support executive decisions. 

Odoo, especially the latest versions, have been incredibly flexible for us. We’ve developed many custom modules, including the Capacity Management tool. This tool uses timesheet data to help guide hiring decisions. We will walk through and describe in detail how this tool operates and the simple and intuitive Capacity Management Dashboard it provides.