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Minds Solutions
2g/4 El-laselky beside El-Nakhel Hospital
11728 Cairo

Egyptian based software consultancy with experience delivering sales solutions for companies in telecommunication, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, retail & courier industries.

Our staff has experience in helping SMEs to build their digital strategy by empowering them with ERP, data analysis, automation & customized preferred tools.


Our competence in Odoo includes :

·         Egyptian & Canadian accounting: our accountants and consultants are fully aware of Egyptian accounting standards.

·         Data analytics.

·         High professional degree of customizing complex solutions according to different customers/industries' needs.


Fulfill En gros/au détail
Fulfill in one of the growing shoes sellers in Egypt , starts back in 2016 with a Facebook page and gradually raised their customer base to reach 260k.

care services
care services Administration publique
Care services is the leading regional security solutions group serving different sectors like banks, factories, malls and compounds, they provide
different security services like guards ,security equipment’s & money transfer