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Awal Telecom
Awal Telecom IT/Communication
AWAL provide outstanding ISP solutions to businesses throughout Iraq; today, AWAL bring to the fore a team of experts whose technical skills are balanced with strategic insight – for businesses that stay connected, consistently: without fail, exception or excuse.

AWAL is a business that has been built upon the skills and knowledge of their workforce. It is through thier team that we consistently deliver the standard of service that we’ve become known for, and an ever increasing client base.
Business Land Information Technology and Surveillance Cameras Equipment and Installation LLC
Business Land Information Technology and Surveillance Cameras Equipment and Installation LLC IT/Communication
Provide an unparalleled level of service that will improve productivity, increase operational efficiency and help maximize the return on your communication network investment. To simplify technology complexity and help organizations “like yours” translate their Networking/Communication strategies to meet their business objectives and operate more efficiently: less cost/risk.
Business Land provides excellence in Information Technology and Telecommunications Consulting Services to Commercial and Governmental entities worldwide using a customer-first attitude.
تقديم خدمات توصيل سريعة ومريحة و الأمنة مع سائق خاص في مختلف مدن المنطقة من خلال موقعها الإلكتروني وتطبيقات
الهواتف الجوّالة الذكية. تتميز الخدمة بالمرونة والراحة والأمان، كما تتيح لزبائنها من الأفراد والمؤسسات طلب احدى السيارات
العديدة المتوفرة مع سائق لتصلهم في مكان تواجدهم إما فوراً أو في وقت لاحق، وذلك من خلال موقع الشركة الإلكتروني، أو عبر
تطبيق الهاتف الذكي الخاص بها كما ذكرنا، بالإضافة إلى إمكانية رصد و تتبع مكان السيارة بشكل آلي وآني على الخريطة والدفع
بسهولة نقداً أو بواسطة بطاقة الائتمان
I - Smart
I - Smart IT/Communication
Home Automation System & Low Current Solutions.
IQ Networks
IQ Networks IT/Communication
IQ Networks is the first local leading company in Kurdistan region that provides telecommunication services Including but not limited (International IP-Traffic, leasing traffic) offering IP Services with the highest Quality of Service through protected fiber optic infrastructure.
IQ net was founded and registered in early 2005. Our head office is situated in the city of Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq, but we are working throughout the country.
NassTel IT/Communication
Nasstel Telecom Services & Distribution is the telecom arm of KAVIN GROUP which has been established in 2006 to be the leading investment corporation in Iraq for main domains, Properties Development, Construction, Project Management and General Trading.

KAVIN GROUP is playing a vital role in developing all aspect of Iraq economy, and the investment in Nasstel came as a part of KAVIN social responsibility to enrich the communication experience of Iraqi community.
Onyxes Technologies
Onyxes Technologies IT/Communication
ONYXES was established in 2011. At the time, the company was known by its original name, “Al-Jareed”.

Many years of never-ending hard-work, over 200 successfully completed projects and numerous satisfied clients later, today, the company is one of the leading IT services and solutions provider in the Middle East.

The company has employed more than 100 engineers and thinkers who hail from more than seven nationalities. By keeping up with the latest technological trends and using the most sophisticated modern tools and technologies, ONYXES always delivers nothing but the best possible solutions.
Tech Time
Tech Time IT/Communication
Tech Time for Information Technology and Software

Tech Time for Information Technology and Software
Tech Time was established in 2018 by a team of experts with more than 15 years of experience in Software and IT services and solutions, with an already large customer base and various services, we are providing our services to many sectors of Private and Governmental companies including: Oil and Gas, Contracting , Telecom, Hospitality, Health, Education and others.
Our services:

Web Applications and Website Design
Web Hosting
Cloud Services
IT Consultant
System Integration
Mobile Apps
Uruk Engineering Services Co. Ltd.
Uruk Engineering Services Co. Ltd. IT/Communication
Uruk Description: Uruk has multiple divisions each one is working almost independently from other divisions .Uruk’s Main divisions:
1. Printing Solutions Division (Ricoh).
2. IT Solutions Division
3. Life Safety & Security Division
4. Fire Fighting Division
5. Telecommunications & Tracking System Division
6. Industrial Automation Division
7. Banking Solutions Division
8. Training Labs & Educational solutions Division
WenkGPS IT/Communication
Wenk is a sophisticated and a wonderful system designed to track vehicles or professional people live moment by moment, or select the previous tracks, places and periods of downtime on a map as well as many other advantages. It works on the system (GPS) to determine the global geographical location by satellite. 10 years of planning and success. Lower operating costs. Improved productivity. Speed of delivery of services. Isolate the human factor for the monitoring process. Increased safety. +1000 Customers. +15000 Connected Units. Customers are the core of our business.

Wenk GPS is a subsidiary of Integrated Solutions company, with branches in Erbil and Basra, headquartered in Al Saadoon Street, Baghdad – IRAQ.
Yana Banking Service
Yana Banking Service IT/Communication
YANA Banking Service

Yana Banking Services has swiftly improved to become one of the leading payment service providers, presenting our clients with advanced payment technology and professional services, YBS offers a Complete solution for electronic payment business dimensions serving the financial, government and merchant communities across the country, and YBS is licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq to process and manage any card (debit, credit card, pre-paid) transaction, issuing and acquiring.