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Noa Dekra Group
Noa Dekra Group Finance/Assurance
Noa Dekra is the official partner in Albania of the giant Dekra, which is a European inspection company founded in Berlin, Germany in 1925 as Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein. With approximately 45,000 employees and revenues of roughly €3.3 billion, DEKRA is the largest inspection company in Germany and the third-largest in the world. By being along Dekra they are the biggest and most well known inspection company in Albania. They strongly hold their position by offering high standards of inspection which makes them the top leader in the market.

First when we got in touch they were using an old local accounting software to manage their finances. Its was clear for them that with the expansion of the company and in the age of digitalization was impossible to move forward and reach new heights without a proper ERP. They had knowledge in SAP but wanted something more flexible that will bring a variety of solution in their business. Same time they knew Odoo in general but wanted to be clear how far they could go. As per our approach we proposed an all in one solution with variety of Odoo apps for all of their departments regarding their work structure. They agreed to move forward but they had a condition to make everything ready in a record time. We explained that this will be impossible if they will not follow our approach and implementation methodology, but they were fully ready for the new challenge.

What a wonderful team they are. Its has really been a pleasure to work along them in their modern offices. As soon as you are there you can feel their energy and the strong familiar feeling along them. They have been so dedicated for the project by following it step by step. All the departments has been involved till in details. Their Ceo, Kledia (Leader) as we like to say, is a highly professional and dedicated woman that holds a lot in her shoulders. She is a role model and has played a key role in the process by being present at every step and moving all their team forward. It would be impossible without their collaboration, dedication and consistency to finish this project in a record time but we were able together to make it and put a new standard of quality/time of ERP implementation in Albania.