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Al Watania Distribution Company
Al Watania Distribution Company Alimentation
Watania Distribution Company
Estabilsh in iraq 2018 and work with nestle barnd( baci and Perugina )chocolate and
with Burcu turkish food.
Baghdad Hotel
Baghdad Hotel Alimentation
Baghdad Hotel is the first and oldest hotels in Baghdad and Middle East. The hotel was established in 1953 and opened in 1958. The hotel overlooks the six towers on the Tigris River and the other side on Al-Saadoun Street. The hotel is distinguished from other hotels through a wonderful range of services and amenities. Give guests a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Burger Factory
Burger Factory Alimentation
Burger Factory is a leading franchise creating a Burger with fresher and more natural ingredients using fresh Premium Beef that is ground in house daily.

A unique concept where signature recipes, premium ingredients & freshly baked buns combine to an exquisite mouth-watering experience.

Ensuring that your burger is always fresh and specially seasoned, our burger is always grilled to perfection just for you! So come on in and dress it up just the way you like it!

We have two locations in Basra, one in Baghdad, one in Ramadi, one in Fallujah and expanding across Iraq.
Rayyan Al-Iraq for Food Industries ltd.
Rayyan Al-Iraq for Food Industries ltd. Alimentation
Rayyan Al-Iraq for Food industries Company founded in 1995, the company
began to operate in the distribution of food products and juices. However, in
2003, the company accounted for the distribution of only Aujan industrial
products (Rani, Barbican, Vimto), and since then the company improve and
develop the infrastructure of the company in order to fulfill the iraqi markets