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Abrag for Trading and Industry
Abrag for Trading and Industry Alimentation
As an extension of the success of Five Stars Group in the FMCG field, Abrag manufactures high-quality special flour products distributed to the largest hypermarkets in Egypt. Abrag's products range from flour packed in different packages to premium specialty products that rely on flour. Abragj follows a manufacturing system that has been engineered to comply with the highest standards of quality and efficiency to provide a distinguished product that expresses the distinguished name of Abrag and Five Stars Group.
Al Karamah Dough Production Co. Ltd
Al Karamah Dough Production Co. Ltd Alimentation
Al Karamah Pastry Company is one of the leading industrial companies founded in 1980 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Egypt. Its products are widely present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region, the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and beyond, Europe and North America.
Alamal Egypt
Alamal Egypt Alimentation
FMCG "Commodities" Import and Export company, having an office in Zamalek area and a Foodstuff Manufacturing, Packing and Export facility in 6th of October city.
Alwafaa Food Industries
Alwafaa Food Industries Alimentation
ALWAFAA FOOD INDUSTRIES (WFI) is one of the leading companies in producing coating systems for meat and poultry processors. We achieved our good reputation by working as a partnering with customer to achieve their goals of producing top quality food products which relies heavily on perfect coating.

We produce all kinds of breadcrumbs: Home style, American style and PANKO. Also we manufacture all kinds of batters and predusts that suits all our customers’ needs.
Anasia Food Trading
Anasia Food Trading Alimentation
In 1993, Sheikh Anas Ismail Abudawood founded Anasia. Ever, since the company enjoyed sound year on year growth and expanded regionally. Today Anasia Group operates in diverse industries within the markets of Saudi, Egypt and Bahrain. a leading fast growing operator of quality food and services; having a sound input on the development of the market, partnering with competent personnel and world reputable principals.
Aqua International for Food Industries
Aqua International for Food Industries Alimentation
Aqua International is the region leader in the manufacture and supply of aquaculture feeds, making us an essential link in the feed-to-food chain. We apply our knowledge of ingredients and the nutritional needs of fish to develop innovations that achieve optimum nutritional value, sustainable production, and economic performance.
Arab Poultry Breeders Co.Ltd ( OMMAT )
Arab Poultry Breeders Co.Ltd ( OMMAT ) Alimentation
Ommat Group is a leading group of companies in the field of poultry product production and marketing of in the Gulf region (Yemen, Egypt and Sudan). We stand proud of our achievements in our chosen markets, the customers we serve, and the partnerships we have built over the years. We are constantly striving to achieve more, while remaining true to our core values of caring for our staff, our product, and our customers. We firmly believe that our excellence stems from our staff loyalty, and their ability to constantly develop and improve their skills. This compels us to provide continual attention to their needs, and further their abilities and skills. Due to our unyielding goal of attaining and maintaining the consistently highest quality standard of products, Ommat has succeeded in adopting and implementing the highest standards of biosecurity at all of our sites found in the industry, and has become one of Ommat’s most distinguishing aspects in the industry. And as our customers are at the center of our interest, we work with them in a mutually beneficial partnership, and are keen to meet and exceed their expectations.
Cheese Solutions for Production and Packing
Cheese Solutions for Production and Packing Alimentation
Cheese solution provides quality cheese solutions to a diverse range of food companies, where flavour, functionality and value are key to their success. Our portfolio of cheese products is versatile and suitable for many different applications. We have invested in high-tech equipment and processing facilities to produce premium quality cheeses that are tailored to meet the strict requirements of modern manufacturing environments, rigorous accreditation standards and demanding consumer tastes. Our range includes cheddar cheese and specialty cheeses, as well as customised solutions for individual and exclusive client specifications.
As cheese experts, we work with clients to ensure we supply their precise product requirements. We are renowned within the industry for our application knowledge and experience. We can provide simple block cheese through to soft cheese and liquid applications, and have an unrivalled ability to meet last-minute demands, while always ensuring premium quality and value. By being available to support and advise our partners and customers, we have developed long-term relationships, providing premium cheese solutions to the global marketplace.
El Fath Company
El Fath Company Alimentation
تشتهر محلات العيسوى بتقديمها لأعلى جودة من ألذ أصناف الحلويات الشرقية والغربية لاكثر من 20 فرع ,فهى من أجمل أنواع الحلويات التي يمكن ان تتذوقها
كانت الحلويات العربية ولا زالت رمزا من رموز الضيافة والافتخار بتقديمها بكافة المناسبات وحلويات العيسوى من اشهر الحلويات الشرقية التى تتربع على عرش الحلويات منذعام 1930 وحتى اليوم , واكبت حلويات العيسوى المفهوم العصرى للحلويات واستحقت بكل جدارة شهادة البراعة من كل من تذوقها , متخصصون فى الحلويات الشرقية- شيكولاتات - النوجا - الكيك - معمول - بسكويت - الايس كريم.
El Rancho Egypt Company
El Rancho Egypt Company Alimentation
We are group of food trade specialists, dedicated to deliver high end healthy fresh products since 2010.

under the international standards of health and care.
Emkay Foods
Emkay Foods Alimentation
Emkay Foods is a family owned and operated importer and distributor of food products based in Cairo, Egypt. We offer a range of chilled and frozen meats including beef, veal, and lamb, and we carry high quality bakery & pastry ingredients sourced from the industry’s most reputable global players.

Our team’s 40 years of experience running restaurant, retail, wholesale distribution, and food service supply businesses gives us a unique multi-stakeholder perspective and allows us to cater to our clients’ and partners’ specific needs.

Emkay Foods is a continuation of decades of hard work, long-term relationships, and pioneering commercial achievements.
FoodLover Alimentation
Food Lover is a modern company in terms of years of existence, but it is not modern in terms of thought and ability to develop and develop thanks to the accumulated experiences of its team of young people who lead the company to increase high-quality processed meat products, whether beef, poultry or frozen product. Food Lover possesses modern first-class manufacturing capabilities that allow quantitative competition in the markets and at the same time it is characterized by flexibility and privacy in the products and solutions of meat and fish factories that are provided to our customers in the distinguished hotels and restaurants and the consumer.
Foodbus Alimentation
FoodBus offers you, through the FoodBus app, the ability to order and pre-order delicious, healthy, and affordable meals to your office. Giving you the ability to focus on what's important, and the peace of mind that your food will be here On Time, Everytime!
Hashem Restaurants
Hashem Restaurants Alimentation
من أشهر سلاسل المطاعم فيها بتعداد فروعه والإقبال العالي عليه

وقد كان من إدارة المطاعم أن حافظت على توحيد وجودة وأصالة الطعم بإنشاء مطابخ مركزية في كل منطقة، ليتم تزويد الفروع بالمأكولات وتوابعها بواسطة مركبات مجهزة بما يضمن الأمن والصحة وثبات المنتج على نفس الطعم ووصوله طازجاً

وبإعتبارها سلسلة واحدة متجانسة فإن كافة فروع هاشم تتوحد بالتصاميم والترتيب الداخلي والخارجي وفيها الدلالة على أنها امتداد لفروع الأردن بألوانها الجميلة الخضراء والصفراء التي تميز هويته وعلامته التجارية
Hathout Bakery
Hathout Bakery Alimentation

Hathout Bakery is a family company built upon a foundation of time-honored production methods passed down for generations. Every day our commitment is to bring you a wide range of fresh, quality hand-crafted bakery. We are proud to guarantee the quality of our ingredients and the freshness of our food range. Our products are traditionally made and presented with care, with the sole aim of giving pleasure to our customers.
Lebanon Sweets
Lebanon Sweets Alimentation
تشتهر محلات حلوانى لبنان بتقديمها لأعلى جودة من ألذ أصناف الحلويات الشرقية والغربية لاكثر من 18فرع ,فهى من أجمل أنواع الحلويات التي يمكن ان تتذوقها
كانت الحلويات العربية ولا زالت رمزا من رموز الضيافة والافتخار بتقديمها بكافة المناسبات وحلويات العيسوى من اشهر الحلويات الشرقية التى تتربع على عرش الحلويات
Lotus Foods and Cafes Ltd
Lotus Foods and Cafes Ltd Alimentation
Lotus Foods and Cafes Ltd, is a privately owned company that aims to “create great everyday moments” for consumers capitalizing on the lifestyle and trends of millennials & generation Z.

Our activities: - Bringing elevated authentic Italian coffee & food experience through a differentiated coffee shop chain that consists of a mix of franchised & company managed outlets and distributing a large array of coffee products within our capacity as the master franchisee & exclusive distributor for “Caffé Bonini” in Egypt. - Establishing and building our food brands utilizing available capacity at qualified factories in the F&B sector to delight & care of our consumers’ health & well-being. - Introducing our own brands of premium and super premium pet food that ensure optimum nutrition for the furry friends.
Nakheel Alya
Nakheel Alya Alimentation
Nakheel Alya evokes authenticity and history that dates back 1400 years.
We are named after the Al-Alya neighborhood in South Madinah where
palm tree farms provide the city with natural oases. We carry some of the
most delectable and sought-after date varieties from Saudi Arabia .
Our products include loose dates, assorted dates, dates paste, dates
syrup, dates truffles, dates powder and chopped dates. We ensure all our
products are natural and reasonably priced. We aim to provide regional
and international markets with high quality dates and date products,
ensuring our customers receive fresh and delicious products all year