Odoo for Belgian Businesses: The Salary Configurator

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Charline Louis (clo)

Did you know that Odoo's Salary Configurator can be used by all Belgian business?

As you may know, Odoo is developed by our R&D team located in Ramilies, in Belgium. Over the time, the company, Odoo s.a., needed some specific features that didn't exist in the standards of the software. Therefore, we developed some of these for our internal use, such as the Salary Configurator. So why don't we share those with other Belgian businesses?

The Salary Configurator

Odoo s.a. uses its own salary configurator to please everyone. Based on the "Cafeteria Plan" model, this program allows the employees of a company to choose what their salary package will consisted of. 
Depending of your personal situation and priorities, you'll be interested by different salary benefits than your colleague. Thanks to the salary configurator, you can choose only the benefits you want, while keeping the employer costs at the same level.



The salary configurator is integrated in Odoo with the apps Payroll, Employee, Recruitment and Fleet.


In recruitment, it gives you a new way to make offers. With this flexibility your future employee can choose between all the benefits your company wants to offer. In Belgium, you can offer a company car, phone, internet subscriptions, etc. In the end, the candidate is not frustrated because s/he didn't get what s/he expected. More over, in the situation where the candidate has to choose between your company and another one, chances are that s/he will choose you because you give him/her the choice for the salary package.  

Reduce admin formalities

Stop wasting time with multiple back and forth emails. Thanks to this configurator, you can reduce the contract negotiation time by 3 steps only:

  • The HR officer sends the contract with the configurator,

  • The employee test different configurations for his/her salary package and sign the contract once he package fits his/her needs.

  • The HR team receive the signed contract and it's done!

How does it work?

First of all, the HR team has to fill in the employee information (name, address, email, etc.), the monthly gross salary, and some standard benefits. Once it's done and sent to the employee, the employee can change his/her benefits and the configurator automatically changes and adapts the salary depending of the benefits taken or not. "A picture is worth more than a thousand words"...

Try it now or watch the video, you'll be amazed! 


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