How to configure multi-order picking? (Pick many orders at once, then package by customer)

We want to pick several orders at once (not sorted out by customer) and then pack them by customer at the packing table.  

There are some handy tricks offering a lot of possibilities already, for example these use case. Make sure to tick the option Manage advanced routes for your warehouse from Settings > Configuration > Warehouse

  1. Configure the warehouse as Pick Pack Ship from Warehouse > Configuration > Warehouses. Select your warehouse and in Outgoing Shippings, tick the option Make packages into a dedicated location, then bring them to the output location for shipping (Pick + Pack + Ship).
  2. You need to activate Technical features for your user. Then go to Warehouse > Configuration > Procurement Rules, find the Stock -> Packing Zone procurement rule. Add a fixed procurement group by changing the value in Propagation of Procurement Group to Fixed.  Create a new procurement group with Delivery Method Partial.  This will bundle the moves from Stock > Packing Zone in one big picking.  
  3. In order to test, you should create several sales orders and you will see that the moves from stock > packing zone will gather in one big picking for which you can handle everything that is available at once.  From Stock > Pick you will have one assignment per SO.

This can be elaborated further as you can create different zones in the warehouse which have products with different routes. 

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