How can I see for one of my products where the stock is located?

I want to know where the stock of a certain product is located. Is there a way to check the stock locations? And maybe the stock value too?

There are several options to check the location where a product is stored. In this topic we will mention 3 options.

1. Go to Sales > Products > Product Variants, click the product for which you want to check the stock locations. Now click the button at the top right corner with the indication "x On Hand". 

The related view shows the quants grouped by internal location with the total inventory value per stock location. Click the arrow in front of a location to display the quant details.

2. Another way is to go to Warehouse > Traceability > Quants. Open the filter box by clicking the right arrow. Now let's show all the products with their corresponding location. It works as follows: group by Product, then by Location.

There is a difference with the stock you display from the product variant, in a sense that for quants all locations are displayed by default, and not only the internal locations. You can easily show only the internal locations by clicking the Internal Locations filter.

3. To show the stock valuation of today or at a certain point in time, go to Reporting > Warehouse > Stock Valuation. By default, this report shows the products with their corresponding internal locations, the available quantity and the inventory value.

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