Amazon Integration

How can I integrate OpenERP with Amazon so that my order reports are imported into the system?

We have released our App for Odoo-Amazon connector for Odoo V8 & V9 . It is completely written as per latest API.

Amazon - Odoo integration and Amazon FBA - Odoo integration app is available now in Odoo V9 Community & Enterprise version at following link:

1. Amazon - Odoo integration 

2 Amazon FBA - Odoo Integration 

3 eBay - Odoo Integration

This module contains following features,

  •  Amazon Instance Configuration & Setup

  •  Multi instance supported

  •  Import Browse Nodes / Categories from Amazon

  •  Export Product to Amazon

  •  Export Product Images to Amazon

  •  Update Product price to Amazon

  •  Export Inventory to Amazon

  •  Live (on the fly) Inventory Export to Amazon

  •  Import Sale Order

  •  Export Shipping Details with tracking no. to Amazon

  •  Refund order to Amazon

  •  Auto Stock/Orders/Shipping status export to Amazon

  •  Create Invoice / Payment / Delivery Order to Odoo (Automatically)

  •  Amazon Sales report

  • Beautiful dashboard to manage all operations of Amazon from one place

Visit this Amazon Odoo Connector to get this module, 

                              Features for Amazon FBA & Multi channel fulfillment are s under :

                              1.  FBA Navigation Dashboard
                              2.  FBA Sales Orders & Customer Returns
                              3.  FBA Invoices & Credit Notes
                              4.  Email Amazon invoices to Customers
                              5.  Multi Channel Outbound Orders
                              6.  Switch Products from FBM to FBA
                              7.  Inbound Shipment Plan & Inbound Shipments
                              8.  Get/Print Package/Pallet labels for Inbound Shipment
                              9.  Amazon Partnered / NonPartnered Carriers
                              10. Manage Small Parcel & Pallet Shipments
                              11. Track Inbound Shipment Status
                              12. Amazon Shipment Reports
                              13. Amazon Settlement/Payment reports
                              14. Import FBA inventory
                              15. FBA sales analysis Reports
                              16. Multiple fulfilment centers per warehouse
                              17. Automise major FBA operations
                              18. Auto Workflow separately for FBA

                              eBay Odoo connector is available at Emipro Store with following features,

                              • Multi eBay Instance

                              • Import eBay Orders

                              • Update Order Status

                              • Import Category/Store Category

                              • Import Attributes/Values

                              • Import Item Conditions

                              • eBay Listings Templates

                              • Sync Active Products from eBay

                              • Update Inventory/Price

                              • Export/Update Products(Variations/Non-variation)

                              • Export and Update Vat and Sales Tax

                              • Export Shipping details with package tracking number

                              • Relist Products

                              • Cancel Order/Product/Listings In eBay

                              • Update Payment in eBay

                              • GeteBayDetails & GetUserPreferences

                              • Host Image In eBay Storage Location

                              view details about each feature at this link : eBay Odoo Integration by Emipro

                              To get this app click here : eBay Odoo Connector by Emipro

                              To get free demo of Amazon & eBay connectors, Contact Us 

                              Module is out at Emipro Store. Visit this Odoo - Amazon FBA Integration to get this app !

                              email us for more information.

                              website :


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